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Monte Guenzler (2016-10-16 19:00:16)

Great Music. If you ever want too add a caller, give me a holler.

Larry Winegard (2016-04-08 01:42:04)

This is the easiest website I have ever ordered MP3's from.
You link on and listen to the music with or with out cuesheet. Hit a button and order. And it's so easy to download.
Thanks. Larry

Bo Bierley (2016-04-06 09:51:38)

Great background music.

Mike Driscoll (2016-03-10 17:16:05)

Hi Dean
Long time no see. gonna check out your site.

Manu González (2016-03-10 13:20:22)

Great stuff Dean, keep rock on!!

Gary & Gina Darcy (Rosamond, CA) (2016-03-05 21:27:35)

Purchased 107 & 109. Good stuff!

Brian Freed (2016-03-03 21:16:55)

Nice sound, will have to purchase some. I hear you are from Minnesota originally
Brian Freed

Monte Guenzler (2016-03-02 10:49:59)

Great new music. Will be buying some soon

Mike Smithers (2016-02-26 08:05:51)

Great stuff, Dean, keep it up! I'm looking forward to you coming back to Arizona!

Kevin Lovell (2016-02-22 14:18:29)

A welcome addition to the options available for us - I look forward to hearing more.

lorne clayton (2016-02-22 09:41:26)

Dean- congratulations on your new venture. Nice music- especially for a new group of dancers - Great backing tracks !

Lorne Clayton
Victoria, BC

phil hayes (2016-02-20 07:59:13)

This is absolutely great! Awesome to experience the music and creativity of Dean's passion. Can't wait for the next song to be released :)

Guido (Germany) (2016-02-14 13:20:01)

I just bought 4 out of 7. Great Start for a new label in my opinion.
P.S. If you're searching on "musicforcallers" for youre caller name, you can find upcoming releases. Now I'm waiting for 108 and 112 to be released.
Just go ahead!

Pat Singleton (2016-02-13 19:44:33)

WOW! Super Website! Good luck, Dean

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